Looking for a
quality epilepsy
monitor that can help?

BabyPing is a high quality video
monitor to protect those with epilepsy

With such a variety in the types of epileptic seizures, the ability to see and hear exactly what is happening in a room can help.

The BabyPing Video Monitor works through your home Wi-Fi network and connects with our free dedicated app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Through the app, parents can watch in full colour video and listen in high quality audio. Our professional-grade night vision gives a clear picture, even in total pitch black, and because BabyPing uses a unique form of truly invisible infrared, our night vision produces no visible glow, so parents can check in as often as they want without ever disturbing a sleeper.

Uniquely, the BabyPing app works in the background and keeps playing any audio that is detected, so parents can still use their Apple device for other activity while still being able to hear what’s going on.

Our app is smart, so if you are using your device to make a call or listening to music, the app will alert you that something is happening by vibration or pop-up message.

Epilespy Sucks UK

BabyPing is proud to support charity
Epilespy Sucks UK – No. 1147790

“Parents & carers of people with epilepsy know all too well how valuable room monitors are due to the random nature of epilepsy. Sleep deprivation through fear & worry is a huge cause for concern & can lead to health problems for the parent themselves.”

Sallieann & Vicki,
Founders of ESUK

How BabyPing can help
monitor epilepsy

See & hear, whatever the time of day

The BabyPing Video Baby Monitor allows you to be at your child’s bedside without having to be in the room. The monitor’s full colour video though out the day and crystal clear night vision provides access to their room with the tap of an app.

The crisp, clear full colour images of BabyPing combined with the built-in Smart Filter™ which cuts out all background noise and static provides unsurpassed audio quality, meaning you can see and hear even when you are not in the room.

Truly invisible night vision with a
crystal clear view

The BabyPing Video monitor comes equipped with a high resolution camera, allowing you to see clearly regardless of the time of day.

The monitors built-in invisible infrared lights give you crystal clear night vision that allows you to see facial features, even in pitch black, but without the glow that other baby monitors suffer from, which can disturb sleep.

See a demo video

High quality baby monitor features

The BabyPing Video Monitor acts just like a traditional baby monitor - any noise from the monitor comes straight through to the device you are using, meaning you will hear exactly what the BabyPing does directly through your iPhone or iPad from where ever you are at home.

Get alerted if you go out of range in your home Wi-Fi network, and uniquely to BabyPing the app even runs in the background so you can keep on monitoring while you use other features of your iPhone or iPad.

Multiple devices at no extra cost

Own more than one Apple handheld device? You can download the free BabyPing app to as many devices as you own and have a monitor in every room or with every parent. Each monitor can have its own settings, so alerts can be activated on one and not another.

View from anywhere for peace of mind

If you have left your child with a loved one or baby sitter but still want the instant assurance that all is well without the need to disturb anyone simply, you can log into your monitor using the BabyPing+ feature.

BabyPing+ lets you be at the bed side of your child from the other side of the world (or even the supermarket), at no extra cost, and with nothing tricky to setup, over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. No other baby monitor offers this innovation without any technical knowhow required!

We've made BabyPing simple to use

BabyPing is designed to be quick, simple and secure. Our simple setup gets you professionally monitoring in minutes, not hours, giving you more time to take care of the important things in life.

What's more, the BabyPing monitor connects direct to your Wi-Fi network and works without needing any additional computer equipment or dongles, or computers to be left on. Setup is done directly through the iPhone or iPad.

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