How it works

What it's all about and what you need to get started

Your life is already full of baby products – why do you want
to add another bundle of items? BabyPing helps you
streamline your life with just a simple baby
monitor and your iOS device.

No chargers, no bulky handheld units, no
spare batteries, and no computers are
required to use BabyPing - ultimate
freedom from additional clutter.

  • The BabyPing Video Monitor connects to your network either through Wi-Fi or network cable.
  • For extra protection you can set an access password for your BabyPing Video Monitor to restrict viewing access within your network.
  • Only iDevices within your home network can access your BabyPing Video Monitor (except if using BabyPing+)
  • The BabyPing Video Monitor can be used with HomePlugs or Wi-Fi range extenders should you need to cover excessive distances

What you will need

An iDevice

An iDevice

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Must be running iOS5 or later.

A free network cable socket on your router

A free network cable socket on your router

Most likely given to you by your Internet provider. You need a network socket to setup BabyPing, after this you can use it wirelessly.

Your Wi-Fi Password to your home network

Your Wi-Fi Password to your home network

This should be the same as what your iDevice is connected to. This isn't needed if you want to use the network cable connection.

The 5 step setup process

Step 1

You need access to your network router to setup your BabyPing Video Monitor

Step 2

Plug the 1m network cable into a spare port on your router and in to the back of the BabyPing Video Monitor

Step 3

Plug the power cable in to the back of the BabyPing Video Monitor, and switch on the power

Step 4

Ensure your iDevice is connected through Wi-Fi to the same network, and open the BabyPing app

Step 5

The BabyPing app will auto search and find the BabyPing Video Monitor, and run the setup wizard. You're done!

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