BabyPing+ means
your baby is always
just a tap away

Whether home or away, BabyPing
keeps you connected to your baby

One monitor, two apps - combining to create the
ultimate modern baby monitor; a smart monitoring
device when you’re at home and a simple to use
baby viewer whenever you are away.
Perfectly simple, reassuringly secure.

View from anywhere

Access your monitor outside
your home over 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi

Whether you are heading back to work, travelling away from home or having that first night out and leaving your little one with a babysitter, BabyPing+ allows you to view your baby, over the internet, from anywhere.

Using an iOS device and any form of internet connection – 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi – you can login to their BabyPing account and view and hear your baby easily and securely from anywhere, all without interrupting or hindering the local BabyPing monitoring functionality.

Never have to
miss a moment

Be at your child’s cot from
the other side of the world

Not at home but want to check on the ones that are?
Now you can be at your child’s cot from the other side of the world. Full colour video, high quality audio, night vision, optional full screen display - it’s like you’re right there.

Doting dads, back to work mums, now there is never a reason to not know what your baby is up to.

Share the joy

Let your loved ones connect through
BabyPing using our easy invite system

BabyPing now incorporates an invite system, so proud parents can share access to their monitor with close relations and friends!

Issue an invite and your relations can download the BabyPing+ app, login and view the monitor whether they are down the street or on the other side of the world. Share the joy!

Always in control

Authorise & control access to
your monitor - safe and secure

Unlike other smart monitors, which force parents to always be streaming online even when they are at home, BabyPing gives parents the choice. 2 apps - one local, one remote. Full control for parents to use the latest baby monitoring technology, the way they want to.

Control who can access your monitor through a secure password and registration process, and see who has accessed the monitor at a tap of the app.

It just

One-tap access to your
monitor from anywhere,
no technical wizardry required!

Just like the original BabyPing app, BabyPing+ is super
simple to use and set up. With just a few taps you can
view from anywhere, and there is no need for a whole
book of technical wizardry or a degree in computer
science - anyone can do it!

Free to download
& use

There is no extra app streaming cost or subscription fee to use BabyPing+

This means mum or dad can easily use the app should they be out, plus close family and friends can all have access without any additional worry or cost.

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