Your baby in the
palm of your hand

Our free app gets you setup in minutes, & connected to your baby in seconds.

Our interactive app walks you through our simple
setup process and does the hard work for you.
Plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi, start monitoring.

Clutter free

Streamline your life, why have more
devices than you need?

Your life is already full of baby products – why do you want to add another bundle of items? BabyPing helps you streamline your life with just a simple baby monitor and your iOS device.

No chargers, no bulky handheld units, no spare batteries,
and no computers are required to use BabyPing -
ultimate freedom from additional clutter.

Monitor & multitask

Runs in the background, so you
can still play

The BabyPing app is always monitoring your baby, even when you cannot see it – allowing you to use your iOS device how you want to; on Twitter, playing games, listening to music – the BabyPing app auto-switches to the best possible monitoring mode whatever you do.

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View on multiple

Add more devices - completely free

The BabyPing is fully compatible with the iOS products you already own, whether you're using an iPhone, listening to an iPod Touch our viewing on an iPad; BabyPing has you fully supported.

The Monitor allows you to connect and view your baby
on multiple devices at once, so Mum and Dad can get
the view they want, from wherever they are in the

Auto updating,
always evolving

Working with real parents to
deliver amazing!

When you buy a traditional baby monitor, it will always be the same; in a week, a month, a year. Nothing new, nothing changed. BabyPing is different - it's a constantly evolving product. We deliver software updates to the monitor directly through the App Store, giving you new features and new ways of connecting.

Love a feature? Tell us. Hate a feature? Tell us. We're working with real parents, always refining & adding, so the BabyPing monitor you love today will be even better tomorrow.

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