Your baby is precious.
So is your sleep.
BabyPing protects both.

Smart Filter™ and custom alerts
allows everyone to sleep soundly.

Get alerted when your baby needs attention without leaving your bed thanks to invisible "see in the dark" night vision.

The latest
wireless Wi-Fi N

5 times faster, twice the distance

The latest and greatest in Wi-Fi technology is in use with the BabyPing Video Monitor – letting you use the full power of your network.

Using 802.11n, BabyPing can connect to your network up to 5 times faster and reach twice the distance.

Your BabyPing monitor connects directly to your home network, so no more hassles with interference or with niggling security issues.

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No batteries

Always there when needed,
no annoying charging

BabyPing is designed for safety – but how can safety be battery-operated? BabyPing removes the hassle of remembering to charge receiving units or to replace dead batteries by being powered directly from the mains.

No need for extra batteries, extra expense, or waiting for the monitor to recharge.

High quality audio

Hear every sound from built-in microphone

Parents can listen in on their baby's every gurgle, murmur and cry, or combined with BabyPing Smart Filter™ technology they can just be alerted when sounds reach a certain volume.

Never experience the constant buzzing, cracking or audio dips associated with traditional baby monitors. Your BabyPing monitor leaves no room for misinterpretation as it delivers your baby's gurgles and cry's thanks to the monitors high definition microphone.

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